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Text Marketing, also known as Mobile Marketing or SMS Marketing, is the ability to communicate to a specific group of people via text message to their cell phones. The most important thing to understand is that text marketing is permission-based, meaning messages are only sent to consumers who have specifically "opted-in" or requested regular communications from the sender. An example might be a restaurant that establishes a "VIP Club" by inviting their customers to text the word FOOD to 74473. When customers text the keyword "food" to the short code 74473, they are granting permission to the restaurant owner to communicate with them via text in the future. The customer can opt out of this subscription list at any time simply by replying with the word STOP or END.
A keyword is a word or phrase that is used to invite consumers to join a text marketing distribution list. A keyword is unique to the business or organization that reserves it within a specific short code. In other words, only one customer can use the keyword FOOD within the 74473 short code. Businesses may use one or more keywords depending on how many distinct distribution lists they want to create. For example, a restaurant may wish to use the generic keyword FOOD to communicate to their entire customer base, but they might also wish to build another list through the keyword BRUNCH so that they can specifically target their regular weekend customers separately. Essentially, sharing your keyword is your personal invitation to others to join your list.
A "short code" is a 5 or 6 digit phone number that is used exclusively for SMS/text communication. The short code you will utilize with FreedomText is 74473. When mobile phone users text a keyword to a short code, they receive an initial autoresponse via text and then the mobile number is captured in a database for later use.
The term "SMS" is synonymous with the term Text Message. SMS stands for Short Message Service, and represents the ability to send short text-based messages from one mobile device to another. Texting has become ubiquitous in today’s society, and currently over 350 billion text messages are sent every single month!
Once you have promoted your FreedomText keyword to your customers or contact base, you can then send a broadcast communication to this list whenever you wish. This is often referred to as a "blast". Generally speaking you should try to limit your mass communication messages to about once a week on average, or 4-5 times total per month. This can vary depending on the type of use, and what the customer agreed to opt in for. For example, if you created a keyword that was designed to deliver a Bible verse every day, then your customers would expect to receive a message from you every day. Keep in mind, however, that if you take advantage of your customer's good faith and send blast messages too often, you will see a large percentage of your subscribers opt-out. So you will want to keep a happy medium between providing real value and becoming an annoyance. One message a week seems to work best for most FreedomText customers.
As we mentioned earlier, your keyword is nothing more than an invitation to others to join your distribution list. There is NO limit to how many people can text your keyword, and no limit to how many people can be included in your list. You could have a million people (or more) in your database.
If your text marketing needs are greater than what your plan comes with, adding more capacity is easy. Additional keywords are just $15/month, and every additional 100 messages are billed at $3/month. We understand that some months will have greater needs than others, so the great thing about FreedomText is that your basic rate will always remain the same each month. You only incur additional costs for keywords or excess text usage for the months that you actually need them.*

*monthly fees subject to pricing plan selected.
Businesses of all kinds can use text marketing to grow sales and provide timely information to their customers. A restaurant, for example, can invite customers to join their “VIP Club” and then send a coupon to everyone on the list each week to drive up their business during their slow periods. A school could use FreedomText to communicate rapidly to their parents in the event of an emergency or school closing, or simply to promote an upcoming event. Churches use FreedomText to stay in contact with their congregation and inform them of schedule changes or volunteer opportunities. There is truly no limit to the number of useful applications for this technology. It is the fastest, most-convenient way to universally connect with a large group of people with instant impact.
As with Email Marketing, Text Marketing is built around the concept of consumers “opting in” to a list to receive information via text to their phone. The consumer opts in simply by texting a keyword to a designated short code phone number. The consumer’s mobile phone number is then captured in a database that you control. This is very similar to email marketing programs like Constant Contact, which allow you to build email databases and communicate via email on demand. A key difference is that where only about 8% of commercial emails are opened, a whopping 97% of all text messages are opened. This a distinct marketing and communication advantage. Another key advantage with Text Marketing is that your recipients see your message almost instantly. Send a text blast to your list at 3:00, and you could have people walking in your door with a virtual coupon by 3:10.
In a word, "Yes!". Recent studies have revealed that today's consumer wants to receive special offers and important information delivered conveniently to their cell phone. They don't read their email anymore, and they have become accustomed to having their mobile phone with them everywhere they go. Besides, they are proving that they want to receive information from you by opting in to your list using your keyword. As long as you treat your subscribers with respect and provide them with real value, they will look forward to your broadcasts and respond to your offers.
Once you set up your FreedomText account you will have access to a library of helpful how-to videos that quickly and concisely show you how to utilize every feature of your service. You will also have access to full-time support via phone and email. But don't worry, after just a couple times using the service you will be a pro—even if you are not particularly technical. The web-based platform is intuitive and with our help you will be an expert text marketer in no time.
No. You can sign up for FreedomText on a month-to-month basis. If you are not seeing increased sales you can cancel at any time without penalty. But trust us, once you begin using the service you will be hooked and will never want to stop.
To set up your account, simply call us toll-free at 1-585-FREEDOM (373-3366) between 9am and 6pm Eastern Standard Time. Or you can order online 24-hours-a-day.
Yes. We offer a lucrative affiliate/reseller program. For more information, email us at
The FreedomText service works best on GoogleChrome, Internet Explorer and FireFox. When using a MAC, you may not be able to fully access the FreedomText site on Safari, so we recommend that you download one of these browsers to get the most out of the FreedomText service.
To ensure your business is compliant with the new TCPA ruling please review the following document: TCPA Guide

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